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The following are real-stories, from real parents who have had breakthroughs! While of course there are no guarantees of results of any kind... their stories are inspiring and REAL.

Success Stories from More Parents...

Karen Rejected for 4 Years - Hosted Mother's Day with BOTH Children!

Karen had an estranged relationship with her 2 adult daughters for almost 4 years. Hopeless at times, we continued to work on her understanding of what was happening, her strategy, and specific communication. Finally, she got a breakthrough and her reunification was complete with both her daughters, making Mother’s Day 2019 the best yet!

"Replaced" after divorce, Lisa got her daughters back 2 years later. 

Lisa was an alienated mom for years after her divorce. Her ex remarried and his new wife was instantly dubbed the “REAL MOM.” This broke Lisa’s heart. After almost 2 years of consistent effort, choosing her words carefully, and using strategies in communication and social media the first breakthrough happened through snapchat direct messaging. There was an opening that we could explore. It was an exciting and scary time, how to make progress without messing things up, saying the wrong thing, pushing too hard, etc. Lisa was amazing and resilient. We worked together through this process and eventually one daughter's progress turned into both daughters opening up. Then, the situation blew wide open when the alienator divorced his current wife. The girls, in there own way felt a sense of freedom and came back to Lisa. She now has a relationship with her daughters.

Toni was Rejected for Years - Then Her Daughter Moved In With Her!

Toni was reunited with both her children after being shut out for years. She transformed how she showed up in her children's life, used a brand new strategy to reconnect and completely transformed how she spoke with them - and she got them back! Including one daughter actually moving in with her!

Carolyn Reconnect with Her Son & Two Grandchildren After 4 Years

When I started working Carolyn, she and her husband had been completely cut out of their son's life for 5 years...that also included their two grandchildren. Carolyn was missing out on everything and were only "allowed" one phone call per year. No phone calls, no texting, no gifts.

After working with Ryan Thomas, Carolyn and her husband 100% Reconnected with their son and were finally able to have a relationship with their grandchildren. 

TODAY, they are able to babysit their grandchildren and spend time together with their son. 
This family's life is forever changed for generations.

Peaceful Relationship After 5 Years of Hell

Fredrik endured 5 hellish years of alienation, hate, run aways, false allegations, threats and more. After working together he was able to reestablish a bond with his children despite everything being against him.

Brian had a Breakthrough with his Son after  Years of Silence.

Brian tried extremely hard for 4 years to reconnect with his son and nothing was getting through to him...

Complete silence every time.

Brian followed my advice and IT WORKED! His son responded and asked to meet up with him for his birthday. Brian couldn't believe it! 

Brian wrote:
“You idea worked. I’m very happy and truly believe this is his text. A genuine message, the first in 4 years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - Brian

Ron Reconnect With 2 Daughters

After a nasty divorce and years of silence from his children, Ron was able to reconnect with his two daughters...who also shared they felt stuck and unable to love him.

Read What Parents Are Saying...

Russell Reconnected With His Son 
After 7 Years!

Russell was rejected by his son for 7 years and did everything he could to get him to see his side of the story. It wasn’t working. 

Then, we changed his strategy and used his son’s grievances in a way that made him see his Dad in a completely new way.  Together, we crafted a new message to give to his son that would be a game-changer….Weeks went by with no response. 

Then, Russell heard from a friend that his son was “Shocked to receive such a different letter from his father. He started to think his Dad might have changed…this lead his son to reach out to him and they completely reconnected. Russell said he couldn’t believe how quickly their relationship clicked back into place. He was ecstatic!

Mom Reconciles with College-Aged Son...

This Mom won in court after 7 years, but the children rejected her. After seeking help from "experts" they could only tell her "what happened" not HOW TO FIX IT. That's when she started working with Ryan...

Parents Reconcile with Adult Son After Fall-Out with Daughter-in-Law

Mom Changes Approach in " Family Therapy" Sessions and it WORKS!

Susan was told to "GIVE UP" by a professional. Ryan helped her reconnect instead.

Barb was excited to finally have a plan to follow in order to make progress!

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